A great service opportunity to help a local elementary school disassemble and move their media center. The time consuming part was having to re-alphabetize the books in each box before putting them back on the shelf. One of the Elders asked one of the school staff, as we were wrapping up, what their plan would have been without the missionaries that day. They said, well there are 20 of you, and we all worked about 5 hours, so it would have taken the Media Specialist about 2 1/2 weeks to do this job on her own! The school is IMMENSELY grateful for the wonderful service the missionaries have performed there over the past week.

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Dear Family and Friends of the Florida Orlando Mission,

During the year, 2015, we would like to share with you some of the spiritual experiences our Missionaries have had here in the Florida Orlando Mission. We look forward to you reading them and sharing in the spirit of missionary work.
We love and thank you for your prayers and support.

Our love, President and Sister Berry


Hello I am Elder Tucker and am from Salt Lake City!

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to share with you an
experience I had with some of the greatest People I have met on my
mission! I will share with you briefly the conversion story of the
Lopez family. A family of 9 that I love so much and have changed my
life, and testimony forever! The Lopez family is a very lively bunch!
We loved going over to their house and spending time with them and
discussing the gospel! They were coming from various religious
backgrounds which caused them to have lots of questions about specific
topics that we discussed! All of our lessons with them were very
exciting, and we developed a very strong bond with them! It felt like
we were family!

Before heading over to their home to teach, we would always discuss
what do we need to teach them now? What is going to help them progress
in the gospel? Each time we felt like we were preparing lessons that
were directly to their needs and concerns. Visit after visit, laugh
after laugh, lesson after lesson, question after question, answer
after answer, testimony after testimony, experience after experience
something was just not clicking! We were puzzled. They were coming to
Church and enjoying very much. But we knew we needed something to get
them to take the next step, and enter the waters of baptism! One day
it hit us, we need to put more of an emphasis on The Book of Mormon
and so we did! Our next few visits the lessons were not as lively or
entertaining but the Spirit was there as we read chapters from The
Book of Mormon. No magical experience took place but slowly they were
gaining their own testimonies. A few weeks following, the Father and
two of his girls decided to take the leap of Faith and be baptized! It
was an amazing experience! A few weeks following that we were able to
watch the recently baptized Father, baptize his wife and son! Then a
few months following, the son who was 7 at the time had turned eight
and entered the waters of baptism along with one of his older sisters!
It was a joyful experience to see the difference that the gospel
brought into the Lopez family’s life! In the words of Brother David
Lopez himself (The Father) he said, “The Book of Mormon really opened
up our hearts and brought our faith back. After all we went thru at
other places we finally found the true church!” The Lopez’s are
currently serving in the scouting program along with other service
they are apart of! They are working towards going to the Temple and
being sealed as a family for all time and eternity! I love them so
much and will be forever grateful for the Impact they have had on my
life! I know there is power and truth that comes from The Book of
Mormon! It truly is the keystone of our religion! I know that no
matter someone’s age, race, concerns, background, trials, or overall
life that it can be the key that unlocks every conversion! I leave
that with you in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

-Elder Tucker